No other paint removal method can compare to Speedheater System.

This is an unbeatable method for paint, putty, and varnish removal. Regardless if you need to restore a whole building or just a chair, it is the most effective way and simple for anyone to use. Our tools are gentle on wood and the environment. A Speedheater is a multi purpose tool that belongs in every house owner’s tool box. Which project would you like to start with today?  
A window restoration; varnish removal on your boat; furniture or something else, the possibilities are endless.

Find out if your painted surface needs to be removed

Paint removal is not always necessary. Find out with a simple test, if you need to remove your paint.

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Heat. Remove paint. Repaint. No other method is easier to use.

While you are scraping, the Speedheater is also working, by preheating the next area you are going to scrape. This process makes the work continuous and very effective.

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Watch a Speedheater 1100 in use on the TV Show Designing Spaces.

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Speedheater IR System Standard

A complete system for paint removal based on infrared technology. A Speedheater works at a specific wave length which makes it gentle on wood, environment and the person working with it.   


SH Window Tools

This is an accessory to Speedheater IR System Standard and together they work as a complete solution for window restoration. The tools are specifically designed to be gentle on wood and the glass.



More power, better impact resistance and longer lasting.